We Love You Maxy

As I write this post I sit here in tears today.  My beloved furry friend passed away at 11:30 am on 4/11/2019.  I came home yesterday from the doctor to find him taking his last breath, and then stillness.

Even though people see pets as just pets my Boy Maximus was 18.  To have a pet in your life for so long is beautiful and painful when they depart this world.  He has been with me through the hardest times … running in when I cry or fall, resting on me to provide comfort, through surgery and graduations, and special treats during the holidays.

The vet let me have as much time with him as I could and I stood there just petting and caressing my boy. They took his paw print in clay for my daughter and me, and I took off his collar and wiped his face because his eye had been running, and just cried.

My daughter and I are not just grieving for a pet but a family member, and going through all the emotions from the day wondering … could we have done anything.  Or why didn’t I say good morning and I didn’t give a proper goodbye. I’m feeling so many things that it’s hard to process the most minute of details.

So today there will be no happy Friday remarks … no week in pictures, and no Weekend DIYs.  Just a short slideshow in memory of my dear boy Maxy.

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…. rest in love … Bee-anka and Mummy 4/11/2019