Time to Go … Friday!

It’s Friday people, and all I can think about is my weekend.  First off … let me say Happy March 1st.  Those of you that are tired of winter, your time is coming, and you don’t have too much longer for daylight savings, long evenings, sweltering heat, and humidity.


This weekend all I really wanted to do was relax, and clean out some spaces, but alas … I have to attend an event, which is a joyous occasion but my body just wants to be lazy.  The sun actually came to say … “hello” [is it me your looking for] in my part of the region, so I was able to take some pictures — and do some planning which is always great.  Shopping would be nice but my allowance is small, and I’m sticking to this budget if it kills me, and with that said here is my week in pictures.


This week was the week of “to-do’s” [1] I washed all my make-up brushes which may seem like a little task but this actually took some time [2] So the struggle is real … this is my DIY, photo prop, all the holiday’s decor closet [I even have my Christmas Tree in here … and as you can see it’s packed to the brim.  I really need to re-organize everything as an attempt to make space [3] My Kindle book list … I’ve gotten through 2 books and I’m reading my 3rd … “A Graveyard for Lunatics” [4] The planner is a bloggers best friend … I list all my upcoming post and ideas and [5] More clearing out, as I cleared out and re-organized my entryway closet.  My goal is to purge and wash everything so washed all of our dark scarves, next are medium, then sweaters, and coats.

In my 30-day mini challenge, I mention that I want to complete one DIY project, so I’ve rounded up simple DIY’s to give me some motivation.


Gem Pull Boxes | The Lovely Drawer
Speckled Clay Ring | Sugar + Cloth
Finger Knit Trivet | Flax + Twine
Fabric Stationary Cards | Damask Love
Modern Yarn Hanging | Homey Oh My
Feather Trimmed Cushion | The Lovely Drawer

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today … I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe”.  — Peace —

[header photo by STIL on Unsplash]