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Why I Don’t Make New Years’ Resolutions

Hello party people and Happy Monday!


I’m glad to have you with me while you sip your coffee or afternoon tea. Whatever the time, I’m glad you’ve joined me here on the blog today.

Today is about Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions.

A new year’s resolution is a simple way to adopt better lifestyle habits to incorporate throughout the year.

Things like … I’ll read more, save more, be a better friend, or wife, and do something with myself, are always at the tippy-top of many lists. And also …  I will make a change in my life or, I will be close to God is another.

Those are all good things to aspire to but if you only do these things until March or not even make it till the end of the month then you’ve broken more promises to yourself.  It’s the same reason why gym memberships skyrocket in January.

The only consistent goals I’ve had in my adult life are to finish what I start, be gracious, and stand my ground.  I feel like sometimes people make resolutions to impress the masses.

My feeling is when you do something for yourself… you don’t need to shout it to the rooftops.  I relish the fact that I got it done and I carry that good feeling with me all month or year-long.

So the reason for me not to make resolutions is that they make me lie to myself and not be realistic about the things I can really achieve.  I don’t have many goals at the beginning of the year except to be better than I was the year before.  

A few years ago I did a monthly challenge that worked out well past the summer.  But in doing that I placed undue pressure on myself to complete these tasks for a blog post.  Never will I ever … do that again.

Let’s be realistic

Growing older and learning the difference between what works for you and doesn’t is a fine balance that we all wrestle with. Doing what you love or what you want in life should pour good things in and not drain them out.

I took a hard look at what was draining me, and now I’m taking the steps to remove those toxic things from my universe.

I had a lot of time at home and to go over my thoughts about what I wanted to carry over to the new year and what I’ve wanted to leave behind. But the best part is being ok with this and being able to move forward.

I’ve had some good time off for self-reflection and the one thing I know, and the one mantra I carry with me is to know thyself. Know your joy, know your heart, know what moves you.  —peace—

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