November 28, 2020

12 Days of Christmas … Day 10 … Easy Holiday Baking

12 Days of Christmas … Day 10 … Easy Holiday Baking

Hello Friends and “Welcome” to the blog. Today is Day 10 in my 12 Days of Christmas series.

Oh, how technology can betray you.  I was in the process (of what I thought) was cloning Day 10 to create Day 11, but in reality, I was overwriting Day 10 to make Day 11.  Now I don’t remember what I said and most of everything is gone. Sadness…

Today I’m going to do my best to recreate this post from memory, and it also helps that I pin my recipes so let’s do this.

Today, which was actually Thursday of last week, I’m sharing some easy holiday baking recipes that even I can’t mess up.  So here we go … again.

6 Easy Holiday Baking Recipes


Molasses Cookies | What’s Cooking Gabby Blog
(These are super delicious and chewy … mine are below)


Sugar Cookies | Life Love and Sugar Blog
(I Made these as well but they are a little puffier than I would like. I believe that my flour measurement was off, but they’re still really good.)


Monkey Bread | Live Craft Eat Blog
(I made this last year but they exploded in my pan.  I made half amount and they were overflowing but still delicious.  This year I’ve got my bunt cake pan and I’m ready.)


Chocolate Chip Cookie | Ridgely’s Radar
(I love a good chocolate chip cookie, so I want to make these Christmas Eve.)


Vanilla Cake | Lauren’s Latest Blog
(I’m not a natural baker, but I always like to try my hand at new things, so maybe on a snow day I can whip up this tasty cake.)


Lemon Rosemary Butter Cookie | Neighborhood Food Blog
(You had me at “butter cookie”, and I love the combination of lemon and rosemary so I can’t wait to try these.)

My Mom was what I call a “natural baker”, and she never followed any type of recipe. If I wanted to learn anything I had to pay attention, and when your younger all you care about is eating it.

I just assumed that baking was never my calling, but I’ve learned over time that all you need is patience.  Are you a natural baker? or are you like me and need to follow the recipe line for line?  Let me know down in the comment section of this post.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Don’t forget to subscribe for as for more post in this series, and check out the links below for all my past posts. — Merry Christmas — Wye

My Molasses Cookies

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