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31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Round-Up … Movie-Binge

Hello Everyone and welcome to the final days of my 31 Days of Halloween series.

Today I’m rounding up all of my top movies to watch for Halloween. Check out my favs for B-Movies, 80s Horror, 90s Horror, Japanese Horror, and top 10 Zombie movies to watch for the season … here we go!

“Top 10 Zombie Movies to Watch”

POST SNIPPET: Zombie movies border on the real-life threat of contagion, and a horde of the dead. From the funny side with slow-moving zombies, track-race zombies, and zombies that talk … there is no way to avoid the apocalypse. There are hundreds of fringe zombie movies bordering on the strange, to the cult-classic and if you like the gore, there’s plenty to go around.

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Binge-Worthy 90s Horror Flicks

POST SNIPPET: As we move into the 90’s, horror movies changed because they reflected everything we were obsessed about, and what scared us the most. We began to make fun of it’s 80’s predecessor with phrases like … “I’ll Be Right Back” [because we know they’ll never be back].

In this climate most people were desensitized to the violence on television and movies because it was a part of everyday life.  Slasher movies were more comedy than horror, and then along came Scream by Wes Craven.

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Binge-Worthy 80s Horror Flicks

POST SNIPPET:  The evolution of horror hadn’t come full circle during this time but it’s definitely a long way from it’s counterpart, 50s and 60s horror movies.  Directors and film-makers were experimenting and pushing the limits beyond what your imagination would be. The modern-day horror movie was beginning to mirror real life-horrors.

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Binge-Worthy B-Movies

POST SNIPPET: From outer space monsters to creatures and demons, it was everything that was foreign or unknown.  We looked at these classic films as the ridiculous side of horror, but they are also considered to be our early beginnings.


Japanese Horror Flicks That Will Make Your Spine Tingle

POST SNIPPET:  Most horror movies that you see today are based on Japanese culture, horror, and short stories. From grudges to violet deaths, or revenge if you’ve seen it in America it  first came to fruition in Japan.


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