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31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Creative Pumpkin Crafts

Hello friends and welcome back to another post in my 31 Days of Halloween series. Today I have some creative pumpkin crafts to share.

For years pumpkins have intimidated me when it comes to carving them for Halloween. I don’t think my daughter and I have ever carved a pumpkin … (I’m sorry “B” … LOL) The carving, the guts and the seeds are just too much.

I love decorating with pumpkins but I think now is the time to come out of my shell. In fact, I need to add “Carving a Pumpkin” to my bucket list because it’s just one of those things.

Check out these creative and fun Halloween Pumpkin Crafts


1. Pumpkin Diorama + A Pumpkin and A Princess
2. Pumpkin Candy Jar + In My Own Style
3. The Masked Pumpkin + Women’s Day
4. See, Hear, Speak No Evil Pumpkin + Women’s Day
5. Coyote Scene Diorama + Country Living
6. Laced Pumpkins + Country Living

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