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31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Halloween Party Snackage

Hello friends and welcome back to Life By Wyetha! I’m continuing my 31 Days of Halloween with party snacks and there are no tricks here … just tasty treats.

Try out one or some of these treats for your Halloween party, movie binge, or gathering. They may require a little extra time but it is so worth it.


1. Burrito Skulls+ Yummy Healthy Easy
2. Rice Krispies Monsters + One Little Project
3. Mummy Dogs + I Heart Naptime
4. Bacon Jalapeno Mummies + Butter Your Biscuit
5. Oreo Monsters + Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Every year we incorporate something new but we always do a movie binge (this year we will have a few people).  On the menu this year is …

Mummy Dogs
Burrito Skulls
Flavored Popcorn
Bacon Jalapeno Mummies
Monster Oreo’s
Coffin Tarts

Last year we made a few treats, however how my phone is set up (LOL) I could only find two.

Rice Crispy Balls   Mummy Bites

Also good for a crowd is anything from the slow cooker like a shredded pulled pork or chicken with slider rolls, chili with beans and cornbread, or a southwestern chicken chowder with tortilla chips on the side.

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these tasty Halloween treats. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and stay tuned for more Halloween fun.

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