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31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Would You Rather … Halloween Edition

Hello There! And welcome to my 31 Days of Halloween Series.

Here is another fun game for your Halloween party or gathering.  This game comes from Luvze and it’s Would You Rather…Halloween.

How much do you really love Halloween?  Show your friends and family how much with this funny version of Would You Rather.  I’ve created a template to below so here are the questions and my answers.

  • Would you rather eat 5 pounds of candy corn or eat 10 candy apples?

Oh gosh my teeth! 5 pounds of candy corn.

  • Would you rather be abducted by aliens or chased by a serial killer?

Oddly I would rather be chased by a serial killer than to be examined and poked and prodded by aliens.

  • Would you rather stay the night in a haunted house or in a cemetery?

I’ll take my chances in the cemetery.

  • Would you rather have a pumpkin as a head or have knives as hands?

Both are equally awkward but knives for hands.

  • Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Can I sparkle like the Cullins…LOL, defiantly a vampire.

  • Would you rather celebrate Halloween every day or once a year?

I love Halloween but once a year is plenty.

  • Would you rather be chased by 5 zombies or chased by one werewolf?

Chased by zombies, they move slower.

  • Would you rather sleep in a coffin or in a haunted insane asylum?

I’ll take the coffin.

  • Would you rather wear a scary Halloween costume or a sexy Halloween costume?

Sexy is overrated I’ll take scary any day.

  • Would you rather buy a Halloween costume for $100 or make one yourself for free but it takes 20 hours to make?

20 hours stretched out over a week or so, I can do that.

  • Would you rather watch a scary movie at the theater and then walk home alone, or walk alone through a cemetery at midnight?

Neither but for the sake of the game walk through the cemetery.

  • Go trick or treating as an adult with no costume or hand out candy at home with a really ridiculous costume on?

I’d rather hand out candy with a ridiculously absurd costume. LOL

  • Would you rather see a ghost or meet a real vampire?

A vampire … I watch way too many movies.

  • If you were in a scary movie, would you rather be the first one to die or the last one to be alive?

If I wait to be last I have to see all my companions bite it, but if I go first I can get it over with … decisions, decisions.  I guess I rather be the final girl (or woman).

  • Would you rather have a murderous doll or a murderous clown in your house?

A doll … you can’t reason with a clown.

  • Would you rather deal with a haunting or a home invasion?

A haunting.

  • Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter?

Vampire hunter.

  • Would you rather be married to Frankenstein or a mummy?

I’ll take Frankenstein … he’s just misunderstood.

  • Would you rather be covered in snakes or spiders?

Snakes … they can get into less places.  (I’m freakin out just thinking out this one)

  • Would you rather have a tarantula or a bat for a pet?

A tarantula, because I can keep it in a box.

  • Would you rather use a Ouija board or be part of a seance?

Have we learned nothing from scary movies, (which is also on my party list game post … coming soon) … YOU DON’T MESS WITH QUIJA BOARDS.  A seance … naturally (LOL)

  • Would you rather watch a horror movie every day or never be able to watch another movie again?

This is a tough one … to never be able to watch a horror movie again.  I’m just going to have to suck it up and watch one every day.

Remember … you can download this Would You Rather Halloween here.


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