31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Gothic Poe-Inspired Halloween Decor

Hello Friends! And welcome to another post in my 31 Days of Halloween Series.

Today is all about Halloween decor.  I love decorating for the Fall and Halloween season.  When I first moved on my own it didn’t hit me how important it was to personalize and decorate your as it evokes memories and a sense of belonging.

I’ve never had a particular style and since I’m in a small space, I create Halloween inspired niches on everything that has a surface.  Decorating with pumpkins, signs, lanterns and leaves, are fun, but I’m partial to the Gothic-Poe style of decorating for Halloween.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get the gothic style and you can find items to craft and up-cycle around your home.

Gothic & Poe Inspired Halloween Decor Essentials

poe-goth decor

Black Silk Peonies
Crystal Ball
Wrought Iron Candle Holder
Super Moss (Black)
Tapered Candles
Black Birds

With just a few items you can create Poe like setting for Halloween, or a haunted house motif.  Other items are spider webbing, black cloth, Kombucha bottles, old books, or thrift store trinkets that can be used as potion bottles.

Shop your neighborhood or backyard for branches, and dead leaves.  Check out my complete Halloween Decor list here on Amazon.

Here are some Halloween Decor Ideas

witch table

Me and Annabel Lee


The Makerista


The Makerista

Halloween Table GaGoHome



The Honey Bee by Andee Layne


Check out these stores for your Halloween fare

Michael’s Craft Store
AC Moore
Hobby Lobby
Home Depot
Goodwill (or local Thrift Store)
Consumer Crafts
The Craft Outlet

Do you decorate for a theme for Halloween, or do you only decorate for a Halloween party?  Just let me know in the comments.

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