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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … New Year Wishes

Hello friends … I’m still on a pause from my 52 List Journaling and will resume after the new year.  Today is about wishes and goals for 2019. I’m blessed that I’ve had a great holiday and a good year overall.

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, and I think they mean nothing if you don’t stick to them. I think people primarily proclaim them because everyone else is.  This is the reason why gym memberships increase, and there is a boom overall in products and services geared towards a healthier lifestyle.  I can’t falter in my lifestyle choices because when you a Type 2 diabetic you have to maintain healthy habits for life.

Living healthy is only one of the things that I aspire to do in 2019. I want to make a habit of connecting with close friends more often, and stay connected to distant relatives as well.  I also have goals for this blog and some other ventures I’d like to explore.

I think it’s daunting to think about all of the goals you want to accomplish in 2019 all at one time … that’s insane.  I prefer to focus on one month at a time via mini challenges.  So for January here is a short list of my mini challenges.

  • NO takeout of any kind
  • NO Starbucks [yes this is fast food]
  • NO Soda’s or Juice
  • Yoga 3 times per week [no exceptions]

The hardest thing on this list is Star-beezies because I frequent there at least 3 times a week, but the sugary drinks have to go … and let’s not even get into the calories of their prepared food [it’s crazy].  The takeout and sugary drinks are doable.  What I’m hoping to accomplish is not only cutting these from my diet but seeing how my body reacts without them and, can I carry this into the next month or do I add some contingencies.  For February through March, I will add additional challenges, and push myself to do a little bit more every month.

I do have some overall goals and that’s to continue my Dollplace Project blog because I stopped posting there when I came back to this blog.  Create better content for this blog, and take some courses.  Is my list short?  … Absolutely, because one’s character is not measured in how many goals or things they are doing but rather taking a few things and doing them really well.  Which sounds good to me.  February 1st, 2019 I will revisit my mini-challenges list to see if I was able to keep the goals, and I will also set my mini-challenge for that month.

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With that, I’ll close my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I will continue my 52 List for Happiness after the New Year which will pick up on list #23.  Have a Happy New Year, be blessed and try to bless others with opportunity, kindness, and faith. – [Know Thyself] Wye

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  1. You’ve given me a great idea. You don’t mind if I borrow your outlook on resolutions. I too, find resolutions unrealistic. It can become daunting, or lost in the cave with the gym membership, ?. Happy New Year! See you in 2019.

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