“2018 ” Gift Ideas for the Blogger

This post was originally lost in the transfer of my website, so I’m reposting this again. I will try to include as many of the older links as possible.

Hello Everyone.  As I stated above the original post was lost in the transfer, and I only found this out as my daughter tried to go to the page and got that dreaded “Error 404 … This Page Doesn’t Exist”.  I despise that but no matter, I can’t dwell on what happened so I’m just reposting this and hoping I can back-date it correctly

For anyone looking to gift their favorite blogger something special, I’ve curated a small list of a few things that any blogger will appreciate.


  1. Creative Market Gift Certificate – Creative Market is the place for everything related to designing your social media, website, or your business.  They have thousands of info-graphics, photography, photography presets, templates, fonts, you name it.  It’s the toy store for creatives.
  2. Creative Live – Creative live is your source for classes and refresher courses, dealing in running a startup business, creating a website, or just learning to better operate your camera.
  3. Planner – A planner is essential if you’re planning your post, or want to jot down ideas for your website and set goals.  Check out Erin Condren wide selection of planners and get organized.
  4. Mug – Who doesn’t need a good tumbler or mug.  I always start out with my coffee, and my planner, when I sit down to write or create graphics for my blog.  I didn’t post a link here because this is easy to find, and you can get a mug customized to fit that blogger’s style.
  5. Ink & Elm Backdrop – I’m always looking for props to elevate my photos.  I do get free and purchased stock photography but there is nothing more satisfying than making your own.  Every post you see here with marble I’m using my Ink & Elm Backdrop.
  6. Desk Chair – Trust me on this … your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you if you get a good desk chair.  For a splurge gift, this is the best you’ll get.  You spend hours working on your site and content getting that blogger you love a good chair means more than words can say. [Note:  The link is for Desk Chair is not the same as the one pictured but similar to the one shown above. This was originally posted in December of 2018].

I tried to include as much as I could for what was originally posted.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and share the love by posting this to Facebook, or Pinterest. — Peace —

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