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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [#22]

Hello Friends! … Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas [or is that just me]?  As we get closer to the holiday … my anxiety flares because I’m doing what I said I wouldn’t do … I have to keep thinking Relax + Relate + Release [and if you watch lots’ of TV you’ll know where this is coming from].  I have to make light of things because there’s just no other way for me.  I choose light + because I choose happy.  I choose not to let anything take that sunshine away because it helps me thrive.

As we talk about what makes us happy we get into this week’s questions which is … List the things you prioritize before doing what really makes you happy.IMG_6767

1. Finances
2. Housework
3. My health calendar
4. Exercise
5. Reading mail
6. My work calendar

TAKE ACTION:  Make a new list with happiness as the number one priority + followed by your other weekly goals and chores. Post this list on your refrigerator. Look at it every day and set the intention of happiness first + then see how you feel at the end of the week!

This exercise can be helpful + because sometimes we need extra motivation to get things done.  When your an adult you accept the responsibilities that come along with it [well … some of us do] + so there are things that we don’t always enjoy doing + but are necessary to keep your home and personal life humming.

To create a list … whether it’s weekly or monthly [I’ve listed both] + and add one thing to the top of that list that makes you happy + is great motivation. Whether it’s reading scripture + or poetry + or listening to your favorite podcast + or maybe just having your favorite hot beverage and thinking about your goals. Whatever makes you happy.

I’ve always been the type of person that will attempt to take on everything because I want to get it out of the way [then reward myself with something that makes me happy after] + but then that turns into other things or projects + and before I know it … it’s been 2 hours + and I still haven’t sat down + or actually done the things I’ve set out to do.

hafez quote

It’s a condition + and this behavior has been with me for years  + but it’s time to break that cycle + that has me going round-n-round.  I know that I can’t make everything perfect + and I have to accept that some things won’t get done this week + and there will be mail that goes unopened + or phone calls not made.  We are all a work in progress + we are all a beautiful mess sometimes + and you have to be ok with that.  I think we all should make a plan for happiness + because without it .. there is nothing else + and personally I don’t want to relish on the alternative.

With that + I’ll close my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and with each post in this series  + I hope that I can bring some of my happiness to others + because if you have happiness in your heart + then you spread that happiness to others. – [Know Thyself] Wye

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  1. Beautiful post. I was in the same boat about perfection and getting things done, but was really piling on my stress. So I choose to do what I can and the rest will get done later or God will take care of it. Honestly, in these times it’s more demands put on us from the world because they think we’re machines. I know I can go to the max but then my health and personal life gets the back burner. And I need to stop, pace myself. Prioritize what’s more important, Me! Because if I’m not 100% how can I help others or complete a job. We fall short on self care and learn our limits.

    1. Agreed…when my daughter was little + my anxiety and stress was high because I was trying so hard to do what I thought was the norm. All she wanted was me. Decorations are nice + and gifts are thoughtful + but through all of that the people that are close to you … just want you…(and your right) if your not 100% how can you give them that. Thanks so much for that inspiration. — Wye

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