52 List for Happiness

Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [#20]

Hello friends and happy Sunday. I love mornings + or rather beginnings because it’s quiet + and I can be alone with my thoughts [good or bad].  It allows me to gain focus + work out my issues + and drives my day in the right direction.

Do you know people that are just happy all the time [or every time you see them]?  I know a few people that with a disposition that’s ALWAYS pleasant.  You want to be in their presence so some of that happy can rub off on you.  Deep down I know that God is ever-present + and he is guiding that happy + and I think that’s what we’re all seeking.

This weeks question in the journal says … “List the happiest people you know”IMG_6658

  1. Adryan
  2. Amanda H
  3. Larissa


TAKE ACTION:  How do these people express their happiness?  This week try emulating the way that someone you admire expresses their positivity and joy.  It might feel uncomfortable or weird at first + but practice makes everything easier!

For much of my adult life + I’ve been in the middle of happy and melancholy + which is not to say that I can’t be happy + but it just seems like something is blocking it.  I’m blessed + I have goals + and a clear vision + but sometimes it feels like I’m moving through a fog.

For a time I was comfortable in my sadness + it had been with me for so long.  Long enough for me to identify it + and give it a name because it was close to me.  Everyone goes through a period of sadness [tend your garden so it can grow] + as I thought of my sad or melancholy disposition as just a phase. It was temporary until I got through the other side it.  When temporary turned into years + it was time to seek a higher power + and some counsel.

I didn’t ask God to bless me with happiness + I asked Him to heal my heart + because as I’ve said in every closing of these posts + “If you have joy in your heart + you can give that joy to others + it’s infectious. My small group of friends listed above + is always looking at the other side of things. No matter what type of day they’ve had + no matter how many stupid people they encounter + they are genuinely happy.  It makes me long for that state of mind where those encounters are just a part of life + and they don’t piss me off or make me feel any type of way.


I love my life + the good + the bad + the hard + the happy + and sometimes I get anxious when my heart hasn’t caught up with my brain.  I get frustrated and feel overwhelmed.  Yes even at 51 + you don’t have it figured out + you may have the human aspect down but your still a student of life + and always learning.  I don’t want to ever close myself from the different aspects of these feelings and emotions + because it brings me closer to Gods grace.

With that + I’ll close my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and with each post for this list + I hope that I can bring some of my happiness + and or wisdom to someone in need + because if you have happiness + and joy in your heart + you spread that happiness + and joy to others. – [Know Thyself] Wye


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