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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List #16]

Good Morning Friends and happy Sunday.  I’m happy to say that I’m feeling better + and I’m hoping to stay that way.  It’s been a great weekend as my daughters show opened this weekend + and can I say how proud I am to be her Mom.  My “B” works hard + and it’s not easy or glamorous to pursue your dreams + but it is so worth it.  So “B” … you keep doing you.

5.jpgThis week the list asks … to List the experiences that have made you feel you are living life to the fullest.

  1. Letting go of hurt feelings + and insecurities so I can experience new things.
  2. Going to college + and beginning my degree program in my 30s.
  3. Coming out of my comfort zone.
  4. Accepting my job for being just a job.
  5. Not moving to the ATL.

TAKE ACTION: Can you take the joy and excitement of these events and re-create them on a smaller scale?  If you feel like it’s doable + go wild and try one of these things in your everyday life this week.

[3] As I thought about what to put in this list + I really thought about the phrase “Living Life to the Fullest” … and since I’m not done living + I can only list a few things. The most difficult action has been … coming out of my comfort zone.  As you age you tend to become set in your way of doing things.  I’d like to think that I’m someone that’s adaptable to change [but who am I kidding]. That must be something that I made up in my head + because I’m still learning to accept change.  There is this chorus in a gospel song that goes … Please be patient with me … God is not through with me yet … and He is not.  So I will step out of what’s comfortable + and try to live life and not just exist in it.

clare life

[2] Going to college was like jumping into the deep end of the pool + and not knowing how deep it is.  Yes … I was in my late 30s + when everyone else was no older than 23 + so it terrified me that I wouldn’t be able to keep up + and it bothered me what people would think.  But once I got there + I found that none of those things really mattered.  People were interested in what I brought to the table + my life skills + my knowledge + and good old common sense.  When your in a degree program that focuses on your art + your art is the only thing that matters + so classmates don’t care about grades.  However + I did care about my 4.0-grade average + because with that GPA came the grants to keep me in school without taking out a single loan. [Amen] I’m still not done with my higher education but knowing that I could do it all along speaks volumes.

Whenever the journal suggests a “Take Action” … I do take note + and try to apply that to what I’ve written.  This week states to take the action if it’s doable.  I let go of hurt feelings + and insecurities every time I step out of my door in the morning.  I accept that my job is just my job + and it’s not my career.  Yes + know that terrible + but trust me it’s less stressful this way + and it leaves me open to new paths + and opportunities.  My brain always has a side hustle + and that’s where I apply my creative side. So while I won’t be going wild to re-create these I will be mindful of them.

With that + I’ll close my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  + and with each post for this list + I hope that I can bring some of my happiness + and or wisdom to others + because if you have happiness in your heart + you spread that happiness to others. – [Know Thyself] Wye

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