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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List #13]

Good Morning Friends and Happy Sunday.  I’m back … continuing my 52 List for Happiness journal.  Last week I took a slight detour when I wanted to further talk about my 50 Things at 50.  This week I am at List #13 which says … “List The Things In Your Life You Are Actually Able To Control” … so here we go.


  1. My appearance
  2. What goes in my body
  3. The company I keep
  4. My writing
  5. My behavior

TAKE ACTION: Cross off anything that involves other people.  Ultimately the only things you are going to be able to control are your own actions and choices + and you’ll feel better if you can spend less time worrying about the things you can’t control.  If you feel stressed this week + look at this list and allow your mind to focus on what you can control in a healthy manner rather than what is outside of your control.

In my experience there are very few things in your life that you can control.  Miss Jackson had it right when she said … “This is a story about control … control of what I say + control what I do” + because that’s it really.  When I began my list + adding people + or things in my environment + never crossed my mind.  Those are things that are simply out of the realm of possibility.

You can’t control the way other people behave + but you can control your reactions towards the way people behave.  You can’t control your environment + but you can control the way you handle your surroundings and adapting to new + and difficult situations within your environment.   Hell you can’t even control what your pets do.  It’s just a simple fact of life.  I like to stay in my lane when it comes to that word “control”.  I don’t for one minute think that if a certain situation is going my way … that means I have control + it’s just Gods design + and the forces of nature that do this + and I’m ok with that.

I can fully agree with the last sentence in the “TAKE ACTION” statement.  Let your mind focus on the things you can control in a healthy manner + because trying to control every aspect of everything that enters your world is exhausting + and stressful.  Who needs that + let’s take some stress out of the equation.  Focus on you + focus on self + focus on love.

With that I’ll end this post … Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + and with each post for this list + I hope that I can bring some of my happiness to others + because if you have joy in your heart + then you spread that joy to others. – [Know Thyself] Wye

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