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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List #9]

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Hello Friends … it’s been a rainy wonderful weekend here in the DMV + and I’m loving every bit of the cooler temps happening.  I even turned my air off which is really something.  This weekend was filled with good food and great company as I wished my daughter [who turned 27] a very happy birthday.  Did some browsing in Georgetown + and a little bit of shopping in Madewell.  I’m not one for the most stores + although they have some great items.  I was crushing on all the accessories.  I came away with an eyeglass case and a candle.  What I wanted was a leather bag … but hey another time


This week I’m at list #9 on my 52 List which asks… “List all the little things that happened today that brought you joy”.  When I sat down to think about “the little things” my mind wandered toward whether they should be minute or significant.  I came to the conclusion that if it’s a happy thing … then it really doesn’t matter.

List #9: List all the Little Things That Happened Today That brought You Joycollage sunday

1. Went to visit family
2. Talking with “B’
3. Thrifting with “A”
4. Exploring a new area
5. Writing
6. Candle lit dinner with jazz
7. Window shopping with “B”

TAKE ACTION: Every day this week write down one thing that brought you bliss on a little slip of paper, then place them in a jar.  Keep this jar of joy going all year, and any time you feel down, dip into the jar to remember the little things that bring you happiness!

Again this is a fabulous idea + especially if you have seasons where things are a bit harder to process.  We all experience sadness in different ways + and sometimes it’s hard to focus one thing good.  This idea would also be one more thing that I have to remember to do + and I wonder if maintaining it would be the thing that I struggle with.  I do like the action of writing + because [for me] writing is my therapy and it’s what I need to get me through a tough time.

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” ― Louisa May Alcott ―

The things in my list this week don’t really need explaining + because the people in my life bring me joy + so all of the things we do together … bring me a type of satisfaction that I can’t get anywhere else.  I think we should remember the little things + because they make up part of a whole.  This can also can depend on the way you like to experience these things.  Life is about those little moments + those moments that we find peace and comfort in.

With that, I’ll end this post … Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + and with each post I hope that I can bring some of my happiness to others + because if you have joy in your heart + then you spread that joy to others. – [Know Thyself] Wye

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