52 List for Happiness

Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List #2]

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Good morning friends!  Welcome to the beginning of the week + where it’s always a good time for a fresh start + and outlook.  I didn’t plan on sharing List 2 of Moorea Seal’s “52 List For Happiness … which is “List The Routines In Your Personal Life + Work … but this is about happiness + and growth … and good things aren’t achieved by just thinking about them + but rather by doing.

We all have a lot of routines in our lives + and sometimes we do them without even thinking.  I’ve mentioned before that most days I’m on auto-pilot + and habits and mannerisms are so ingrained that I just do them because that’s what I’ve learned to do.

LIST 2: “List The Routines in Your Personal Life and Work”

        1. Petty cash summary and reconciliation [work]
        2. Meeting|Conference prep [work]
        3. Hair Days [personal]
        4. Saturday skin [self-care] routine [personal]
        5. Pet cleaning routine [personal]
        6. Living room cleaning routine [personal]
        7. Seasonal decor routine [personal]
        8. PM evening routine [personal]
        9. AM work routine [personal]
        10. Preparing appraisals [work]
        11. Travel routine [personal]
        12. Weekend routine
        13. Laundry routine [personal]
        14. Meal prep|planning routine [personal]

      TAKE ACTION: Circle all of the routines that bring you joy + and cross out all the routines you dislike.  What is it about the circled [highlighted for the blog] routines you dislike.  What is it about the circled routines that bring you joy?

      I worked on this list last week so I’ve had some time to really think about what I dislike + and love + and why.  In this exercise +  I’ve crossed off all of the work routines … because it’s work.  I’ve been at my job for 19 years which is an accomplishment these days.  I haven’t been there this long because I love it + but more because I have a family to support + and I need the benefits it provides.  Spilling some tea here … but I can’t lie. When I had my knee surgery a few years ago … it cost me $157 dollars + that didn’t include prescriptions + and post care but I really can’t be mad at that.  I’ve also become spoiled because I have paid vacation + holidays + and sick days … so I’ve come to a ying-yang level with my job.  I need them + they need me + and that relationship works.  However + I don’t find joy in doing tasks associated with work because work staff makes them daunting … they make simple shit difficult. That’s mainly the reason why everything dealing with work is crossed out.  This is interesting because some of the personal things in this list revolve around getting ready for work + so that’s why they’re crossed off.

      What brings me joy + my home-life + my family + and decorating.  I take pride in my home + and I love taking care of it.  It’s that sense of ownership that comes with knowing … “this is mine” + and I want to appreciate it by taking really good care of it”.  So nesting + and decorating are my loves + they allow my creativity to shine through + and I can work through problems with a definitive solution .. and that’s why those routines bring me joy.

      IMG_5711List 2 was therapeutic + and rewarding.  I know that I don’t have to enjoy + and be happy about everything in my life + I’m human + and there are some things that I’ll love + and others that I dread … I’m ok with that + and I can’t let those things take up space in my head.  — Know Thyself

      “You can spend minutes + hours + days + weeks + or even months over-analyzing the situation + trying to put the pieces together + justifying what could’ve … would’ve happened + or you can leave the pieces on the floor + and move the fuck on.” — Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)

      Thanks for visiting the blog today — Wyetha

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