52 List for Happiness

Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List #1]

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Good Morning + and Happy Sunday.  This Sunday I wanted to stop talking about the thing and actually do the thing.  I’ve had this journal by Moorea Seal for some time now and it’s called 52 List for Happiness.  Since I’m just started this exercise I’m at list one.  List #1 says … “List What Makes You Happy Right Now”.  Which I’ll admit required some thought. It’s not that I can’t write what makes me happy + but putting it into words + and speaking it into existence was a challenge … and that’s where I’m at right now.  Personally + I don’t need a laundry list of intricate things to make me happy.  I’m a bare-bones simple person + so sometimes it’s the minute things that really make a difference + and every time I do them or think about them … I’m happy.

LIST 1 – “What Makes You Happy Right Now”
1.) Saturday Mornings
2.) Rewards at the pet store [Free food every other month]
3.) Morning coffee
4.) Talks with “B”.
5.) My Blog
6.) Reading old list and goals [because they show growth]
7.) Mondays at home
8.) My “gentleman” friend
9.) Seeing old friends
10.) Meeting cancellations

Now …. once you make your list there is a small highlighted portion that says … Take Action.

TAKE ACTION: “How often do you actually get to experience these things? Just like learning to read + gaining the wisdom and experience of happiness just takes practice.  Let’s start now! Take one item on your list and see how you can turn it into a daily practice of happiness.” – Moorea Seal

See here’s the thing [spilling some tea here]. If you make a list of what makes you happy right now … then that’s what it is. In my case + if I’m making this list it’s because I’m experiencing these things regularly. One thing on this list is out of my control so making it happen doesn’t depend on me + but on others.  There is actually one thing on my list where the “TAKE ACTION” would apply [swallowing this pill – because I’m stubborn] so I guess I can start there [baby steps].   I would like to think that if your writing what makes you happy right now then these are things that you’re enjoying right now. I’ve learned a long time ago + that I’m not putting my happiness on hold for anyone. It’s been a practice for years. The last time I checked + I only have one life + this precious life + and I need to make it the best life.

So I’m holding my initial thoughts and comments on this journal + because … I mean really I’ve only done one list and I need to give this a chance.  I need to let it work and do what it’s designed to do.  I know that it’s the only way to create an impact.  I would say that giving up control + no matter what that control is … is difficult.  You are the master and commander of your ship + but sometimes you need to let others + and different practices take the wheel + in the same way that you would pray and ask for strength.  You’re giving your problems and your needs over to Him.

So next week I’ll tackle one more list in this happiness journal + and I hope you’ll follow along.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + and don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”.  — Know Thyself

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