Journal: Happy Dads Day | What It Means to Me

To all the Fathers and families I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day.  I think Fathers Day is special but it’s sort of eclipsed by Mother Day.  We get wrapped up in gifts + and gadgets and trying to find something that will be meaningful and tell him all the ways that you appreciate him.  I guess that would be the ultimate gift + but … what would one-up that gift … would be to actually tell your Dad how you feel.  Share a memory + tell him what he means to you.

My Dad is a rock + and even though he’s getting up there in years + he still reaching in his pocket to give my 26-year old change.  I use to say “Oh don’t worry” but that’s his job + and I’m not going to take away anything that makes him feel good.  My Dad has been there through my financial struggles.  When my daughter was little he made sure she had a snack every day + and great Sunday dinners.

He’s helped me move from place to place.  In my 2nd home, he made sure my daughter and I had new mattress sets to sleep on.  When I had my surgery he got me the special bandages that I needed and filled my prescriptions. He knew things like how to keep the hopping spiders away that we were terrified of [lol].  He was a carpenter + and could build anything + paint anything + fix literally everything.  It amazed me then as it does now.

He’s a man of few words + and while we find ourselves sometimes sitting in silence + that moment is so profound to me.  We don’t have to fill the air with constant conversation + his presence means everything.  He’s my Dad … we share the same eyes and noes + but beyond that, he means more to me than he will ever realize + and even the little things are special.  So here’s to my Dad and all the Dads … Happy Fathers Day.

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