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Last week + I took a trip to through time to read my old Penzu journals to see where my head was at during that time in my life.  It was actually very therapeutic for me + and it also means progress.  Yes this old dog + can still learn a thing or two.  I will start doing a short series of revisiting my old journals.  I never want to go back + and I always want to move forward so I acknowledge that this did exist in my life and I have moved forward + and placed things in their proper perspective.

Week #40: 750 (D116) “Happy New Year!”
[excerpt] — It’s a job + it’s my income … and while I have friends there it’s not my life and I will not let it make me stressed + I will not let it depress me + I will make sure to close that loop and stay positive and keep that shit where it belongs at work.  I usually don’t make resolutions and I’m not gonna start now.  I never did when I was younger because a resolution was always something to be broken. Something you can say out loud or write down and your not bound by what you’ve spoken.  Sometimes life intervenes and you don’t have a choice in keeping that promise to yourself or sometimes your just feeling the moment and you thought hey this is what I’m feeling.  Again … I don’t make resolutions because I don’t need the beginning of a year to make things right.  Everyday is a new day and this could be the day that I will do something great.  I hold a high standard for myself and I get disappointed and frustrated when I feel like I’ve missed opportunities + or where I see others in my field excelling in what they do. This is because it’s their passion and they can’t imagine a day without doing it.  For me everything starts here …  I did make a promise to myself that I would journal more + and for the most part I have.– [end]

Wow … my first thought is just … wow.  I’m all over the place [for one thing] but I’m touching on so many things.  One is definitely my job and I acknowledge that it’s not changing because the people and there attitudes are not changing.  I’m to the point now of just riding this out … doing my time and moving on when I get good and ready.   I’m also touching on missing out on things in my field.  I love blogging  + but I’ve picked it up and put it down so many times that I’ve lost direction.   I want to keep my focus on doing what I love  [and I have] + because I know that what I love will even out all of the other crazy things.

I always like to end with thanking my readers for taking the time to read my blog.  Your likes are acknowledged and I do appreciate the love.  I hope everyone has a great week + and don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”.updatedsignature


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