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Time just flies + were already in our 2nd week of June + with temps feeling like summer + to which I’m not all that happy about because I honestly hate the heat.  I’m not in an area where it’s a balmy 80 degrees and then 60 at night … here in the Washington DC area it’s 98 during the day with 90% humidity and that only cools down to 80 over night with 90% humidity … and who likes that [swamp creatures maybe]  … so I’m bracing myself.  But … I digress + let’s get into my May favorites.

Aveeno Anti-Itch Cream | My skin is itchy all the time in certain areas + and for me it doesn’t matter what the weather is + although the higher temps don’t help. This cream really soothes my skin and I only need to use it every 2-3 days.  Aveeno Anti-Itch retails for about $4 dollars and you can find it everywhere.

Hotel California [The Eagles] | One evening on our way home from a restaurant [my memory is terrible] this song came on in my Uber  + and maybe it was the sound system + hell maybe it was the drinks that night + but there was just something about it on this particular occasion.  For the past month it’s been in heavy rotation on my playlist.

BACKSTORY:  While there have been many theories that contemplate what the song represents, the Eagles’ band members have revealed in multiple interviews that the true meaning behind “Hotel California” is a commentary on the hedonism and self-indulgence of America.

“It’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America + which is something we knew a lot about,” Henley said in a 2002 interview with “60 Minutes.”  He also goes on to say that … “We were all middle class kids from the Midwest,”  ‘Hotel California’ was our interpretation of the high life in L.A.” [source: ABC News]

Seaweed Night Cream | I’ve been raving about this cream for about a month + because I’m seriously in love with it.  It was also on my MB Haul post just last week.  I could say it was a May fav + but it’s really my all time fav.   Be warned that it’s only 1 oz. + however it will last you because you only need a small amount + and maybe you don’t want to use it every night.  I use it at least 3 times a week.  Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Night Cream can be found via the website or on Amazon.  However … you actually get a better deal directly from the MB website.  This cream retails for $22 dollars.

Rainbow Highlighter | Who doesn’t love a fun highlight in the shades of a rainbow.  When I got this I was on the hunt for something that wasn’t that messy + it also didn’t hurt that Ulta was having a sale.  But I love the colors + I’ve only used the gold + pink + and lavender because those shades go well with my dark skin tone.  I haven’t tried the green + yellow + or blue … but maybe.  Ulta’s Rainbow highlighter retails for $10 dollars and their having that sale again where you buy 2 and get 2 free.

Honey Moisturizer | I’ve also been adding this moisturizer into my morning routine.  Mario Badescu’s Honey Moisturizer is light + non greasy + has almost no scent + and works well under my makeup.  It seriously makes your skin glow + and you only need a small amount.  So + if your looking to add a fresh + light moisturizer to your beauty routine … give it a try.  This moisturizer retails for $25 on the MB website.

Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scrubber | Now you know I can’t do a monthly fav’s without adding a cleaning product of some kind.  Am I a bit “anal” about cleaning … because I want products to get the job done.  This works really well on my gas burners.  When mine get too hot + they leave black scorch marks that are impossible to clean.  I was using Bon Ami with a little water to create a paste that would let sit + and then start scrubbing but it still leaves a bit of that white film.  This little dynamo only requires soap and a good scrubbing and my burners seriously shine like new penny.  I couldn’t believe it.  I wouldn’t recommend these on anything other than a cast iron pan or your gas burners + because I believe it would damage it + but they’ve definitely made the list.  3 scrubbers retail for about $3.99 and you can find these everywhere cleaning products are sold.

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