Sunday Journal: Rest

I want need to get some rest + now when I say this I know a lot people assume that a vacation is rest … but is it really.  What is true R & R + are you on a beach + at a resort + in the mountains + being in the woods with nature … I guess it depends on the person.  I have a short trip coming up + but what’s building before this trip is stress.  I can honestly say that none of the vacations that I’ve taken over the past 3 years have restful … stressful … but not the other.  I get travel anxiety when I’m planning a short trip … getting ready + prepping + packing + making sure my cats are taken care of … etc.  I do like a road trip + and I don’t mind driving + but that can be stress in itself.  It’s not until I check into where I’m going + or later that evening do I start to decompress.

I was just mentioning to a friend that 1 day off work is not a vacation + or what I deem a vacation should be.  It takes me at least 2-days just to decompress from my workplace.  To not think about emails + or what people need + or what meetings are happening .. to just melt into my space + and forget about schedules + and obligations.  By day 3 I’m starting to feel good + by day 6 … it’s a vacation and I’m at ease + and then by day 8 my anxiety flares because I know that I have to zap back to reality.  Back to that grind + back to that mindless thinking.  I’m at a point now where I can’t remember doing things because I’m on auto-pilot 60% of the time.

I want to really kick back and not have to worry about the time + do some window shopping + maybe take in a massage + or work on a DIY project or a craft because those tasks use the other side of your brain + your creative non-practical side.  Rest and relaxation are the keys to a healthy lifestyle + and rest doesn’t mean sleep.  Yes you need to eat clean and take care of your body … that is crucial + but the body can’t live without the mind [lol] + and my mind needs rest because the mind is always working … even when you sleep.  I will find ways to make my smaller trips less stressful + to stop … breath and just relax.  I want to live life … not stress about it.  Otherwise what is it all for + and that’s a whole other post my friends.  [know thyself]

So I will close this post today + thanks so much for spending a little part of your Sunday with me + and don’t forget to “Like” + and “Follow”.  Have a great … non-stressful week + and enjoy your holiday.


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