Sunday Journal: No Day But Today

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “No time like the present” + “No day but today” [my favorite] + or “Never put off tomorrow what can be done today” … all gentle nudges to stop procrastinating.  I’m a daydreamer by trade + and sometimes I get lost in them.  I think of all these things that I’m going to do … projects to tackle + books to read + phone calls to friends I need make + but they just never get done.  I won’t say I’m the queen of procrastination but I definitely hold a place on that court.

As I get older I think of all these things + and sometimes I feel like the press is on to get them accomplished … just for the sake of saying “Hey I did that” … rather than just enjoying life as it comes.  The thought of making a bucket list has always given me a bit of anxiety … the foretelling of  things you wanna do in life before it’s gone.  No one likes to think about their own mortality so I’m renaming this list to the “Living Life List“.

When your mostly lost in the daily grind of work or school + sometimes you forget to slow down and enjoy things. I’ve always thought ok  … I’ll make that list and hopefully get to accomplish these things. My blog is about the endless pursuit of happiness … because it really is + I feel like I’m always chasing it down.  I know that anything good is worth the chase + and it’s something that we all want in life … and on that note here is my “Living Life List” that I’m sure will grow … bare with me.

  • Own my own home
  • Gamble in Las Vegas
  • Start my own blog and stick to it [working on it]
  • Start a successful business
  • Finish my Bachelors Degree
  • Hike in the mountains
  • Live and not just exist
  • Building something with wood
  • Grow my own food

Again I know this list is short but everyone’s wants and desires are different.  I don’t need long list + with immensely incredible things + my short list of things is my pursuit of happiness … and on that note this closes my journal today.  Thanks so much for reading and visiting my blog today … Have a fantastic week + and don’t forget to “like” + “follow” + or “subscribe”.


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