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Eating clean has been one of the most challenging things that working on in my life. When diagnosed with Type 2 my Endocrinologist said …”Wyetha I need to you start eating clean“.  The definition of this literally means …


Eating clean is not just challenging in choosing what you eat + but reading everything is daunting.  Eating clean is a lifestyle + not a passing fad + it requires time + energy + and effort as I felt this while grocery shopping at 12 am.  I couldn’t get my eyes to focus but it was peaceful and quiet + and I had no other shopping carts to compete with.  The one thing that I didn’t bank on was cost.  We know prices are rising + I use to be able to feed my daughter and I on a fraction of what I spend now + but I guess that could be part of the problem.  Isn’t it interesting how junk and processed food are pennies on the dollar but anything labeled Organic or Gluten Free is ridiculously overpriced.

I would love to be able to get my produce cheaply but knowing how far that produce traveled can make all the difference.  Knowing that your produce is local is important produce absorbs everything around it so you want you food to be as free of pesticides and chemicals as possible.  Let’s face it + I can really eat whatever I want and die slow and miserable + or I can fight like shit to stay heathy and take my supplements + and give my body what it needs to not only survive but thrive.  Not only is it important what I put in my body + but also what I put on my body because Type 2 patients have very dry skin so instead of buying into the lotions and creams for “Diabetic” skin I just go old school.  Olive oil, Coconut oil + and Grape-seed oil are miraculous for my skin and promote healing.  I know that there is no cure for Diabetes but it doesn’t mean that I have to accept this diagnosis and just be silent.  I will beat this shit down because my life consists of living and not just existing. [Know Thyself]

Thanks so much for enduring that rant but also for visiting my blog this Sunday.  I hope you have a great day and a great week.  Don’t forget to “Like” + “Comment” + and “Follow”.


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