Sunday Chit-Chat: …Quiet

Sunday mornings are always quiet for me + it’s a time when I’m in no hurry to be anywhere or do anything. I can stare out of the window or into the abyss with no constraints of time or space.  Sundays are a period of reflection.  If you in church it’s a time to hear the word and reflect that on your upcoming week.  Positive messages can apply to every aspect of your life and are precious little pearls to spread to others.  For me Sundays are the time when I blog + and think + and reflect on my upcoming week.  I know that I can set the tone for positivity + success + or misery.  In my head if I start out the week peaceful + then I carry that with me and it equips me for stressful situations that may arise.  Stress as a whole cannot be avoided.  There is good stress and bad stress + in which I’m sure most of us would rather have the good stress vs. the kind that can make you physically ill.

But today + Sunday … is a day of no stress + it’s a day where I watch my cats run and play + where I watch the trees move and sway in the wind + where I watch the clouds change positions. I see people going about their day + and activities.  It’s a day where I make a good meal and break bread with my daughter talk about all things.  Where we are in like + and where we want to be.  We plan + we dream about our supersonic mother-daughter team + and we ask for patience and peace during harder times.  I simply love Sundays + and while Monday is to follow + which carries such a stigma + because the weekend is gone … I have peace in knowing that my boring Sundays are not all for nothing. [Know Thyself]

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit the blog this afternoon.  I hope everyone has had a great weekend + I wish everyone a positive week + and I’ll see you again on Wednesday.  Don’t forget to “Like” + “Follow” + and “Subscribe”.


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