Yas Friday!

Hello Party People! … and … Happy Friday! I’m always tickled when it’s Friday + even though I’m working.  My weekend whether I do anything or not just plays over and over in my head.  I have no plans this this weekend + and the movie Traffik last weekend was pretty good.  IMBD give it a 7.5 rating.  I’ve got nothing on the agenda this weekend except for cleaning.  Now I know what your thinking … damn … [on the weekend] … yes cleaning + but a part to my vacuum cleaner died last Monday + and a house with two cats and no vacuum gives me anxiety.  So I just want to get my rugs and furniture really clean + and then I’ll see what’s happening.  I may go to the comic book store with a friend and just wander + but if your up for a movie here’s what’s playing this weekend.

Opening Today

Avengers | Infinity War
Disobedience (2018)
Let the Sunshine In
The Test and the Art of Thinking

A Complete List of “Now Playing”


So what ever you do this weekend + have fun + and be safe … cause Yas …. it’s Friday.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + don’t forget to “Like” + “Comment” + and “Follow”.  [image credit | Godisable Jacob | Pexels]


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