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I wanted to share my Pinchme box with you.  I ordered this so long ago I really had forgotten about it. [end of February] … Also I didn’t expect free samples to be delivered immediately.   I first heard about Pinchme from a lifestyle You Tuber  + but I’m sorry I’ve forgotten the name and channel.  You basically sign up on and select your free samples.  There are also some coupons and deals + but I’m really not interested in yet another subscription service.  What I like so far is that you get some full-sized samples.  The rest are your average sample size.


Sweet Heat Skittles
I gave these to my daughter + I can’t really eat the regular ones on a good day.  So damn that spicy.

Nice & Easy Clairol Hair Color
This is actually a coupon for the color which retails at about $8.99 so I’ll consider this a full-sized freebie.  It’s Clairol upgrade to their original color.  This one says no harsh chemical smells.  Now I’m not one to go testing permanent hair color on my locs + so I may be gifting this to someone in the color of their choice.

Dark & Lovely Damage Slayer
Is a 3-step process for your hair with a treatment + shampoo + and conditioner.  I maybe willing to give this one a try.

Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice
This is going on the dinner table tonight.  I was tickled to see this full-sized freebie.  You can cook this one in the bag + so it’s super convenient.  I’ll just add some mild Italian Sausage and a green pepper and dinner is served.


I hope you have time to check out the Pinchme site to get some good samples.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + and don’t forget to “Like” + “Follow” + or “Subscribe”.



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