Sunday Chit-Chat: Bad Habits

Let’s talk about loneliness
you know sometimes it fool you into believing that your on top of the world
and no one could top you or stop you
and everything you’ve wanted was right at your fingertips
but as always
reality steps in and shocks you right back into the present
and all you can do is ask yourself over and over … why …
[Cameo|Why Have I Lost You]

Remember when a song meant something + when you could really relate to what’s being said + and just parlay in that feeling  + I feel that more often than not.  I have a really horrible habit of self-sabotaging things + because somewhere deep down in my physique I believe that I’m not supposed to be happy or fulfilled.  Or + I get to a certain point and the feelings are there but get frustrated + and confused because I don’t know why I’m pushing a good thing away + and I start to question how am I such a terrible person + or why can’t I be a better person + and more tolerant.

We are all a work in progress + and as someone recently reminded me … there are hundreds of thousands of people who feel exactly the same way that you do.  So … there’s no sense in beating yourself over the head with everything that you think you don’t do right.  But really … what is right or wrong + there’s no instruction manual for life + or how you should do shit. There’s only trial + and error.  Over time I’ve just learned to be respectful + and giving + and treat people with kindness even though some people don’t deserve it.  I’m so thankful for having the right people in my life to guide me because without them I would truly be a miserable little puddle + looking and life from behind the glass … probably referring back to the lyrics above as I ask myself why.

Don’t think you are + know you are

Well friends that’s gonna do for my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog  + and I hope your out and about and enjoying actual spring weather today.  It’s a beautiful day to wonder and frolic.  With that I’ll end this chit-chat.  Have a great week … and don’t forget to “Like” + “Comment” or “Follow” … [know thyself].


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