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I know that I’m a product junky + and I’ve tried hard to curb this habit but these new things [products] they taunt me + they call to me in there cute little packaging with words like “cruelty free” + and “natural”.  Yes I’m a sucker for skin care products but it really doesn’t end there.  I have gotten better about buying things I don’t need + so now when I’m out of the toner that I like or a makeup item + I use that as an excuse to try out something new.


THAYERS_4_11 copyI had previously been using the Humphrey’s Witch Hazel which I’ve had for at least 8 months [or longer] but the smell is so off-putting so I would rotate between that and the Mario Budescu Cucumber Lotion + so once the Humphrey’s was gone I couldn’t wait to try something new.  I’ve been using the Thayers for about 2 weeks now and I love the smell that the coconut water infuses + it’s just not that overpowering coconut scent but it’s light + and just the perfect combination.  I use it after my cleanser to make sure I’ve removed all of my makeup and so far so good.

I go through so many make up remover wipes it’s crazy.  For my purpose I don’t just use it to remove make up but + I also use them to dab my makeup brushes before my application + and it really helps to bend my mineral makeup [note I wouldn’t do this with regular foundation].

wipes_4_11 copy

I was also drawn to these as I’ve used Micellar water in the past but didn’t care for it in the liquid.  I really wanted to give it another chance so a makeup remover wipe seemed harmless.  I’m really not particular when it comes to wipes but they seem to work ok.  They don’t remove my mascara but then mascara is a tricky thing because it’s meant to last so wipes don’t always work.  I usually have to use Olive Oil + and then the wipe which seems to work.

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