“SUNDAY TEA” // Chit-Chat: Life is a Polaroid

I wish I could capture everything that I see in a picture + I want to hold on to it and never let go.  I feel like hours melt into days + into weeks into months.  You blink and it’s gone in a flash.  Does it seem like the year is just wizzing by.  Like you can’t wait for Spring + then it will be Summer + and then we want Fall so badly + and the Winter Holidays are gone and damn another new year.  The need to slow things down has always burned in me + I have this desire because I want to hold on to things.  I’ve always wondered why my elders are always talking about the past and reflecting on times forgotten.  It’s a time when things were more simple.  A time when we stopped and slowed down + and appreciated things.

B and I were having a conversation about music and how your more attuned to it when your growing up in it … for me it was late 70s-80s and for her it was late 90s-2000s.  I always go back to when music had more soul to when it meant something.  I reflect on what was happening + because music and art imitate life. [i.e. Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On]  In general I guess that’s how life is.  We are all trying to live the best life and trying to spread love and happiness + because as we age we realize that happiness is one of those things that you need to put into perspective. It’s one of things that you need to grab and hold on to as long as you can.  People die of loneliness and being unhappy + it’s one of those things that drives us.  Why we race home after the workday + to be with our families and loved ones + the ones that make us happy and make everything that was shitty in the day worth the struggle.  We all are “Gathered here today to get through this thing call life.”Let’s Go Crazy, Prince [1958-2016]

This concludes my Sunday Chit-Chat session + and I am working to keep this at about 2 paragraphs [like I said I got that gift to gab].  Thank you so much for hanging with me on the blog on this Sunday.  Don’t forget to “comment” + “like” + and “subscribe”.  Have a fantastic-awesome-productive week friends.


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