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I’m back with a Good Reads list update.  I’m actually proud of myself because I didn’t think that I would make it this far.  As previously posted I usually get through 1-3 books and then I loose steam so I’m really going to stick with it this time.  The plan is to read more + and spend less time on my phone [I would love to add less television to that equation but who am I kidding … baby steps].  I’m just happy that I’ve gotten through two books.  Here is a mini review.

How to Be Black, Baratunde R. Thurston  | 2012 | ★★★ ½

“I thought the book gave an interesting perspective + and it did have it’s funny moments but it wasn’t what I thought.” 

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.21.47 PMI was excited when I was gifted this on Christmas + it was in my wish list for some time + and I’ve heard good things.  Baratunde Thurston grew up in D.C. + as did I.  Now I didn’t grow up in his area because I was in the outer suburbs but I did attend DC Public Schools [no small feat]. So I call that about square. Thurston attended Sidwell Friends which is where DC’s elite attend school.  [Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls to name a few] + but I digress … so yes the book gave an interesting perspective on some everyday shit + as well as things that happen in the workplace and among friends. [I don’t want to spoil it]  Also the How To Be Black title is not literal so I advise you [if you plan on reading it] have an open mind.  This was still a good read that I would recommend to others. | image: Amazons

The Small Hand and Dolly, Susan Hill | 2013 | ★★★

“This is a good read. Not bone chilling + and not scary [to me] but from this horror/mystery fan a good read.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.43.07 PMThis is another book that was gifted to me by “The Might B” for a birthday some years ago [yes I’m terrible + cause I’m just now getting to it but hey … I read it].  This book has two stories.  One take place around a mysterious house and the other around a porcelain doll. Shrouded in mystery it does have you guessing until the very end.  It’s not bone-chilling [because I love horror and ghost stories] so you can read this at night … without having anything heavy on your mind. I do recommend this book + it was two good short stories.

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