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"Sunday Tea" // Chit-Chat: That Demon

It’s not what your thinking + but it’s definitely something that’s there.  When I say demons I mean the saboteurs in your head that hold you back from your true potential.  We all have them [to an extent] + and for me it’s been that tiny little voice of doubt.  I’ve heard it all throughout my adult life … every time I struggle + or when life has thrown me a curve ball.  Like … you can’t do this alone + or you can’t live in this expensive area and raise your child + and put her through college [she graduated from college in 2015] + or no one will read your blog because people don’t really care.  You would think I would know better.  If I actually let that demon control how I interpret life I would be miserable.  We know not to listen to the negativity of others and stay positive + but who would have thought that the sabotage would be coming from that demon that you can’t really escape … doubt.  Every time I’ve second guessed a decision I was making + it makes me angry + or wonder why I’m wired that way.

It’s that ingrained thinking + because for a time I thought that I would never be happy.  I know that I should never just settle for anything and I should always want the best for me and my family + but compromise has been the one thing keeping me on track.  When I found out that I was diabetic + I had to compromise and stop being stubborn about my lifestyle and learn.  When I met Chase [more compromise] because everything is not going to be like what your imagining in your head.  When my daughter and I argue [compromise] because everything is not just one-sided.  People are real + people have faults and your not settling but learning to accept the things you cannot change.  Maybe there is a middle-ground.  A place where your willing to accept certain things and kick the shit out of others.  I will never stop trying to achieve my goals + and reach my full potential.  I will never stop learning to change … I will never stop evolving and adapting for the sake of others … I guess I’ll just never stop.

I want to thank you if you took to the time to read my blog today + I am working on making these chit-chats a little shorter as I know they can be long-winded.  [I do have the gift to gab]  Is there anything you’d like me to talk about? Is there an area I haven’t touched upon?  Well … let me know in the comments + because I’m happy to share.  Again … thank you so much for visiting my blog on this Sunday. Don’t forget to “comment” + “like” + and “subscribe”. Have a fantastic week friends…


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