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"Sunday Tea"//Chit-Chat: I'm Really Sick + Be Like The Rest [Have a Giveaway]

Well it finally got me + one of the mighty oaks has fallen … meaning I got a cold but not just any cold [because I don’t really get them] + a demon cold.  One with body aches + a vicious headache + sore throat and congestion … and let’s not forget the sneezing + and the coughing.  I am … in a word … miserable.  I do feel a lot better since it’s onset + however it’s really knocked me out.  I remember a time when my daughter was little and I would get a cold and it would be gone in 2-3 days + but since I don’t get them that often … I’m a big baby.  I’m not the worst patient but I’m not great either so thanks “B” for taking care of me + and “Chase” for procuring some essentials so I can get this demon cold outta here. I would agree that when your sick you tend to rely on others more than you realize + and without my small circle + I would truly be battling this alone.  Your support group no matter how small and no matter how they function can always make a difference.

While being stuck in bed is bitch it’s also allowed me to get most of my shows off of my DVR.  I think most people binge when they’re stuck inside + but if I’m not sleeping [or here typing] then I’m probably watching TV.  So I’m caught up on Grey’s Anatomy + X-Files + The Magicians + finished Channel Zero: Butchers Block + and now all that’s left is one HGTV show.  I finished my last book “The Small Hand and Dolly” and now I’m almost in the middle of “The Halloween Tree“.  I’m really trying to restrain myself from moving + cleaning + and working on projects + and just stay in this bed and rest.  When I left work on Friday I knew I was coming down with something but I didn’t know what + and it’s interesting when you tell co-workers “I think I’m getting sick” how they back away from you and do the “cross-sign” with their fingers like your some kind of leper.  Now … these are the very same people that come to work [sick] and blow their noses in meetings + in the kitchen + while they’re waiting for their coffee to brew + or while getting supplies from the cabinet.  So their looking at me like I’m crazy because I’m spraying door handles and wiping down everything like a mad crazy person.

People would be more careful if they’ve watched the movie Contagion. It puts everything into perspective and makes people like me more paranoid. Basically the movie kinda boiled down to hand washing [spoiler] and how many times you touch surfaces and your face per day [like over 500 times].   So … yes I know … I have too much time on my hands.

Since I started blogging [first on Blogger now here] I’ve seen bloggers hosting giveaways.  I’ve always pondered if the giveaway is a way to gain more followers or to truly say “Hey I appreciate ya’ll … here a little something”.  When I did a giveaway on the Blogger platform it was easy and simple because I didn’t think too much of it other than “I think my readers would like this” because I like this and I want to pass it along.  So yes I wanted to “be like all the rest”.  At that time I didn’t have many followers so if that was my goal it was for not.  I want people to like the content of my blog + and thus “like” or “follow” accordingly.  I think that’s the ultimate goal.  I want to pass on to my readers what has helped me + because having knowledge about something is no good if you keep it to yourself.  I think if we learn something valuable + then pass it on.  That’s how you learned from your parents or grandparents +  through stories and life lessons + because they want you to go into situations with your eyes open.


So since I’m talking about giveaways + I do have a little something.  I have an extra copy of the “52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy“.  Any takers? Check out Moorea Seals website in the link above [if your interested] then head back here and leave a comment on how you would use this journal.  I am the list queen + and mine are everywhere in different binders and calendars all over the place + so it’s nice to have just one place to right everything down + and keep things in perspective.  You have until Wednesday, March 21st Friday, March 23rd.  I’ll select someone who  I’m hoping will put this journal to good use.

So this ends my tea today + thank you so much for visiting my blog and spending some time with me this Sunday. Don’t forget to “comment” + “like” + and “subscribe”. Have a fantastic week friends…

DISCLAIMER:  This post uses external links.  This book was purchased with my own money and is not sponsored. Currently I can only ship to the US  [sorry folks].

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