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I would love it if every product that I’ve tried worked exactly as it was designed to but alas there are some fails out there.  Mind you these products didn’t work for me + but for some folks it may be exactly what they need.


Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil When I made this purchase I was on the hunt for a body oil that didn’t use mineral oil and Palmer’s fit the bill.  The ingredients listed were plant based and friendly so I thought [ok] I’m going give this a try.  Now it says you can put a cap-full in your bath water + but I didn’t find that it worked for me + as my skin felt the way it always does … dry.  It doesn’t work on wet skin however most of the earth friendly oils don’t.  It’s light + so light that within 15 minutes of applying it + it’s absorbed [which is good if you don’t want to feel oily but I personally want something heavier in the winter + and if I’m showing off my skin I want that glowing look.]  It goes on like any other oil but then I’m still using shea butter on top.  Also the bottle design isn’t good. Every time you turn the bottle upside-down to use it + it drips back on cap thus running down the bottle and leaving a ring no matter how may times you wipe it.  I had to keep this bottle on the floor to keep it from leaving a constant stain.  All in all this one didn’t work for me.

CSI Rose Hip Facial Cleanser | In the beginning stages of finding a cleanser that could help my hormonal acne + I was really into essential oils as a way to heal my breakouts. So when I found this on VitaCost I knew it would be a good fit because Rose Hip oil is great for cleansing and controlling breakouts.  Again the ingredients were simple.

Purified water + olive oil castile + vegetable glycerin + rose hip seed oil + oil of kumquat and + seaweed extracts. [source:]

Did it get my skin really clean + absolutely + but to a point that it was drying + and irritating.  The last thing you want is a cleanser to irritate your skin + so after about 2 weeks of use + it was time to add this to the shelf of half-empties.  In theory it’s a good cleanser but it was just too drying for my skin.

Derma E Very Clear Acne Spot Treatment | So maybe I was setting myself up for this one + because in my head I just knew this vegan + cruelty free product could help in clearing up my acne + so I don’t know why I was disappointed when it didn’t work.  I love the Derma E line of products just not this one.  This spot treatment would work if you had a one little pimple that sprouted up + and if you don’t normally have acne.  I was looking for a miracle + and since that doesn’t really exist in the realm of acne medicine + I should have known better.  The reviews were mixed on this one + and someone even wrote in their review “it’s not going to cure your acne but just make it less severe” so basically + another one bites the dust.

Now Vitamin C Sea Buckthorn Moisturizer | I use Now products on a regular basis from vitamins to coconut oil + it’s a staple in my home so getting the moisturizer was a no-brainer.  Some of the things that I look for in my products because I’m battling hormonal acne are Rose Hip Seed Oil, Sea Buckthron Seed Oil + or Olive Oil.  These are all good things for the skin + but unfortunately this one didn’t work for me.  Using it after cleansing still left my skin feeling really dry + so I was applying Mad Hippie Antioxidant Oil on top of this.  I have the need to simplify my routine which means I want a product to do what it says.  Again this is not to say this moisturizer doesn’t work + my skin just didn’t like it.

Well that does it for my short list + there are not that many products that I try and don’t like.  Some just don’t work as well for me as they might for someone else + these opinions are my own + and not influence by anything other than trying them out.  This is also not to sway anyone from trying them as everyone is different.

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