“The Tea”// Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: There is no Competition

This post is dedicated to [Chase] + because I don’t think I’ve made my point + or maybe I’m not very clear in conveying things.  I would like to take this post show off some of my vernacular + I’m no poet + but I feel the need to express what’s lost in translation.

What’s lost … that line around the corner + the phone calls in que + that … “I can’t answer you right now because I’m responding to”… is false. It’s an untruth + it never happened + because … There is no competition.  Do I need to repeat it + I’ll say it as many times as I need to + but don’t wear me down.

Hey slim …
You … yes you
You good … I know you are
Can I talk to you … Can I have just a minute of your time
My brotha … my dream … my butterscotch King
Is there anything I can do for you
Be what you need …
Can I stare at you for a while
Can I just be … in your company
Can we just parlay … No thought … No agenda

Hey slim …
You … yes you
Can I be a part of your circumstance
I don’t mind your idiosyncrasies … I’ll take that
What are you into … can I get into that
Can I disrupt your thought process …
Can I know all there is to know

Hey slim …
You … yes you
You know I … madly + truly + deeply … like you
Can you be my muse …
Take away all the stress
Through circular motions on the temples of my soul
From forehead to nose … from ear to neck
Can I get lost for a bit …
Cold fingers on the base of your neck
Leading to relaxation … to bliss

Hey slim …
You … yes you
There is no waiting period … no 2nd’s or 3rd’s
because there is no competition
My brotha … my dream … my butterscotch King
Be my friend … be my beginning … be my end

Now I know my readers are wondering + what was that. That was my way of expressing this weeks subject in a throwback-flick-your-lighters-finger-snap manner. I would say that this is different than my weekly Tea because technically it is + but not really because I’m still spilling if you read between the lines. What do you think I’m trying to convey?


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