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[ode] Saturday Morning

Ode to Saturday mornings + it’s the best morning + the first official day of the weekend + disheveled covers + and unmade beds + sunrise and quiet + that first cup of coffee which is always the best cup + I don’t mind pancakes but I’m partial to fluffy scrambled eggs + with toast and juice.  Getting to read all of the magazine that came in the mail that week over that 2nd cup of coffee … it’s just time to decompress.  It’s my weekend routine + it’s my “me” time.  For kids Saturday morning is 5-hours of summer as cartoons play + and yes I still watch cartoons [my daughter laughs at this].  It’s just a testament as to how much I love Saturday. My moodboard this week is about everything I love about Saturday morning.


I hope everyone has a happy Friday + and a great weekend.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  Don’t forget to like [or comment] + and follow.

[image source | pexels | epicurious]

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