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Weekend Pamper Routine

I’m sure everyone has a ritual that they only do on the weekends + for me it’s the days that I get to sleep in + have a really good conversation with my daughter + reset my house and make something really good.  The day seems to go by so fast. The weekend [or Saturday especially] is when I get to do a “pamper me morning” routine if I don’t have any plans that day + so I wanted to share my Weekend self-care routine.
I always start my Saturday with a clay mask.  I use the Aztek Healing Clay mask on the weekends because there’s just no time during the week.  The only time I’ll use it on a weekday is if I’m having a bad breakout.  I use a spin brush every night when I cleanse after my makeup so I don’t use both on the weekends because it would be overkill for my face.  The mask pulls all of the impurities and irons from your skin and I find that the areas where I break out are a bit red after + but that usually subsides.  My mix is 1 tsp of clay mask + a splash of apple cider vinegar + and a splash of aloe vera juice. Then I mix and apply.

IMG_5226After 10-15 minutes I rinse and then cleanse with the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel + then I tone with the Mario Badescu Cucumber lotion + after I’ll use the Derma E Scar gel [which I’m all out of].  I use this everyday for my acne scars. It does work but it’s not an overnight thing + you’ve got to be patient.  Then I use the CeraVe renewing serum.  I’ve just started using this but previously I’ve used the Derma E Vitamin C Serum which is on my November Favorites list.  After all that I moisturize with CeraVe moisturizing cream + spritz with the rosewater and aloe spray + put on my old standby ChapStick and I’m done.
Now because V-Day was during the week and I really didn’t have time for my movie list + my daughter and I decided to “Olivia-Pope-It” with a Red Zinfandel  + popcorn + and cupcakes as we plowed through 500 Days of Summer + and Sixteen Candles.  All in all a good day in my relaxing 4-day weekend.
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