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“The Tea”// Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: Life is Searching About Self…

Do you ever wonder what your life is supposed to be + or do you have a purpose?  Are we all here to do…what we’re all here to do…type-of-thing.  Very seldom do I ponder what life is + or its meaning + or how I fit in it + mainly because it makes my head hurt.  I do still second guess myself on things wondering if I made the right decision + or should I have taken a different path.  There is really no way of knowing the different outcomes of decisions made + it’s really just going with what you know and praying for guidance.  I’ve learned that life is about self discovery and searching. We are always searching for ways to make our lives better + and wanting to improve not just our lives but our friends and loved ones as well.  We are always discovering how to be better people + how the world works + and how we fit into it.  I know it may sound a bit daunting + but searching and discovering is exactly what we do every day .  I think in some ways I’m afraid of knowing the bigger picture + not knowing [for me] is better.  I mean do you really want to know what your future is or would you prefer to discover it on your own.  Is life like an onion [I know some people are] and you just keep peeling back the layers to find out the true nature of something.  When you think about everything there is to learn + you’ve really only scratched the surface.  Hell I’m still figuring out what foods I like + what scents give me memories + and my career path … etc. 
If you like the color blue + you like all 25 shades of it + you don’t just like one and hate the other + there are different degrees + and it’s multi-faceted like everything in life.  I love discovering different nuances of myself + and ways to push myself to be better.  Two years ago I couldn’t walk a flight of stares without being out of breath but now I don’t even think about it + I just take the stairs .. it’s commonplace.  It’s searching for what I believe can make my body better + and it’s discovering that I can do this. Don’t we get the most of things if there’s some push and pull + if everything was easy + we wouldn’t appreciate it and we would learn nothing from it.  There would be no life lessons + you wouldn’t have to work + or search to discover anything if all the answers were laid out for you.  I like learning + I like digging in and researching the hell out of something … it’s the same feeling when someone tells you “no”.  Do you just take it + or doesn’t that word “no” fight against everything you believe and you continue to search and discover ways around that “no” or completely obliterate it.  I’m sure inventors of technology heard the word “no” and if they headed to it just think … you probably wouldn’t have your iPhones your Smart TVs or your self-parking vehicles.  All this is say [yes I’m wrapping this up…it’s a short one] that I hope everyone is discovering that life is about self searching and discovery + and no one knows that journey but you … so you should get all you can out of it + because you only have this life + and unless you stumble upon that alternate one + then make this the best life. — Know Thyself —
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