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V-Day Movie List | 2018

So I mentioned a V-Day inspired movie weekend + which should include some wine + a few sweets and good company…but if your solo (that works too).  Here is my movie list for my V-Day weekend.  All of the titles listed are from Amazon Video and can be rented for $3.99 or less.

500 Days of Summer  (2009)| Zoe Deschanel + Joseph Gordon-Levitt | An offbeat romantic comedy about a woman who doesn’t believe true love exists, and the young man who falls for her.  (Amazon Video)

Moonstruck (1987) | Cher + Nicolas Cage | A widowed Brooklyn book-keeper is torn between her fiance and his brother. (Amazon Video)

Pillow Talk (1959) | Doris Day + Rock Hudson | In their first romantic comedy together, Doris Day and Rock Hudson are utterly charming as an uptight interior decorator and an amorous playboy who is forced to share a party line. (Amazon Video)

Sixteen Candles (1984) | Molly Ringwald + Anthony Michael Hall |  John Hughes, the writer of National Lampoon’s Vacation, shows how coming-of-age can be full of surprises in this warm-hearted teenage comedy starring Molly Ringwald + Anthony Michael Hall. (Amazon Video)

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