Happy V-Day!

Whether or not you celebrate Valentines Day + I hope everyone has a great day today.  I do celebrate it in some from + because I always try to give my mom and my daughter a little something.  Since V-Day is earlier in the week our wine and movie night may be postponed till Friday be we still have fun.  There will be laughter + there will be tears as we get through Moonstruck + Steel Magnolias + and some sort of Doris Day movie.  I can remember buying the little heart candies and all these little cards for her classmates + it was a fun + simple + and a special time…so whatever you do be safe + and have a great day.
vday board

[image credit| the junior + country living + pexels + weheartit]

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  1. Thanks @AK for my lunch and my sweet gift.

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