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January | Favorites

It’s that time again for my “January” favorites + I’m simply enjoying everything this month + so let’s get into my short list….
JAN-FAVBenefit + They’re Real! – I don’t cycle through mascara’s very often + and the way I find new ones are via samples through Onyx box or Sephora.  I received They’re Real! as a sample with my Sephora points + and I’ve been loving this mascara all through January.  I thought I would never find anything that was better than my previous [Better Than Sex Mascara] one + but this one definitely boost my lashes and gives me a finished look.  They’re Real! is sold at Sephora + HSN + and Ulta Beauty [or where Benefit products are sold] + and retails for $24 dollars.  The special limited edition mascara with the snazzy jewel-like topper is sold exclusively on HSN.
Raw Sugar Natural Body Wash – I’m always on the hunt for a good cruelty free body wash.  I’m diabetic and my skin [especially now] is extra thirsty + and I’m always looking to try new things for overall skin health.  I came across this body wash in Target + because I didn’t have time to order my old stand by [Everyone].  Let me just start with the smell + it’s not overly perfumed [some natural products are] + it’s light…refreshing + and it’s just what my skin needs.  This item retails at Target for about $7 dollars.  Amazon does carry it but the price is simply ridiculous.
Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser – This is heaven + and was gifted to me over the holiday but I’ve really been using it in January.  This diffuser helps boost your mood + promote relaxation + and it’s also great if you feel congested.  [Eucalyptus + and the green tea combination work well] It has a timer that can be set to 1 + 3 + or 6 hours with an automatic shut-off once the water is used.  My diffuser came with 8 essential oils and I love to mix Lemongrass + and Sweet Orange.  This smell is incredible and even though I use it exclusively in my bedroom + I can smell it all over my home.  You can adjust the light so it illuminates different colors + or just use the diffuser without the light.  It’s small enough to put just about anywhere + the shape is very stylish + and modern.  The Anjou Diffuser is sold on Amazon and retails for $25.
Paper Mate Pens – who doesn’t love a great pen + and I’m all about a good fine tip marker.  In the drawing world your pens are everything  + and I never thought I would find a better one than the Sakura Pigma ink pens [which I love] + but while at a meeting + the host laid these out for everyone + and after about 15 minutes I was sold.  It’s a smoothing writing fine tip pen and best of all + this pen doesn’t bleed which is the only reason why at this point I hadn’t found anything better than the Sakura’s [and yes the Sakura pens are good].  I just wanted something that I could use everyday and I wouldn’t feel bad that I was wasting it other things besides drawing.  Paper Mate flares are super-cheap and are available literally everywhere + but you can find the on Amazon for $12 dollars for a dozen.
Mario Badescu Facial Spray – So hands down this is the best facial spray I’ve used + and that’s not to knock rosewater which is lovely + but this spray is so refreshing + and I find myself misting all the time.  It’s has aloe + rosewater + and herbs.  I sometimes will use this right after I cleans my face before my toner + or after my moisturizer right before I go to bed + and who doesn’t need a little extra moister in the colder January & February months.  Mario Badescu is available at Amazon + and Ulta Beauty and retails for $7 dollars for an 4oz size + and up to $14 for an 8oz.
A nice hot bath needs no explanation + it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind + take in your favorite music + or a book on audio + a nice glass of wine + or you favorite beverage + with some luxurious bubbles + and your favorite bath salt…and yes instant spa day or night.  When was the last time you treated yourself to a luxurious bath. It’s most certainly my January fav.
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