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January [wrap up]

Can you believe that February is here…where does the time go.  I think it dwindles away as we try to fill our lives with more stuff and more activities…it’s like blinking and realizing that hours have gone by….anyways [I ramble]…here is a glance at the month of January 2018.
“The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entries: Chit-Chat is a weekly spilling of everything that revolves around life + relationships + family + and love.

Good Reads 2018 is a challenge where I’ve pledged to read a certain amount of books this year.  This helps my brain focus on other things besides binging television and watching YouTube.
Calm Meditation app can help with daily life if you are in need of stress relief + and have trouble focusing or sleeping.
Book Review: The Complete Book of Home Organization is great for some inspiration + or just looking to streamline your home and make it more functional … I highly recommend it.
Book Review: Picturing Prince: An Imitate Portrait, Steve Parke Steve Parke was the former Art Director for Prince at Paisley Park Studios.  The images are fantastic + and the stories give you an intimate account of the man behind the music.
My Branding Board I had a lot of fun and challenges created this + and it’s good way to help streamline and define what I ant my website to be.
I started my Friday Quotes to basically “Feed My Mind”.  I can always gain some perspective and insight from a quote. [#25] [#12] [#19] [#26]

And no month would be complete with a roundup of all my boards.



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