November 28, 2020

“The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry: Chit-Chat: Why Are We Meeting + I Tried and Failed

“The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry: Chit-Chat:  Why Are We Meeting + I Tried and Failed

When I think about meetings my mind wanters to work related matters + it’s the boil on the but of humanity [Steel Magnolias, Shirley MacLain. 1989].  Pointless time waisted + held hostage by your meeting host because they like to hear themselves talk.  So when my daughter said “Let’s get this meeting started” …I chuckled because I wouldn’t have been that enthusiastic for anything else.  Home meetings can be a fun + and therapeutic process.  My daughter and I daydream and plan all the time + but it’s never an official thing.  We talk everyday but we come up with the best stuff during Saturday morning breakfast where we stretch it out for a few hours and just share ideas and daydream about what could be in our real and imaginary world.  Last Saturday we had our “official” house meeting.
Not just to talk but to come up with a better home organization plan to streamline our days and make our pets lives a little easier because they’re older and require a bit more attention.  I’m a daydreamer by trade and I love to come up with ideas and create boards so planning is my thing + but in executing the plan sometimes I fall short because life happens and those things you wanted to do + never come to fruition because other pressing matters move to the front of the line.  My belief is … the beauty of organizing and decorating your home is never ending.  Your house is never going to be totally complete because times change + and you change + and the needs that you had a year or two ago morph and you need to adjust and adapt to changes.  What I’ve also found is that making changes unilaterally and not including the needs of everyone in your home doesn’t make for a smooth transitions.  So I make it a point of including my daughter in most of what I do because change affects everyone.  So yes our 4 hour meeting [which included several breaks] went well + and we can go into this year knowing that we have a plan + and hoping to see it through with no stress.
So I touched on being a planner + and or making plans + and some years ago I planned out this business that I would start.  The first business plan was small + I would sell products via Cafe Press.  I spent a lot of time making designs and logos + and art until I had a small line of cards + journals + magnets + coasters + tote bags + and T-shirts.  What no one told me is that there are [literally] millions of sellers doing the exact same thing so how would mine be successful.  I didn’t think about that because I didn’t want to let other sellers taint what I had going on.  I made a few sales but nothing to break the bank + the problem with that was I got discouraged after a few months and pulled all of my stuff from the website.  Looking back on it now + I should have saved some seed money [just to get started] + and purchased my own merchandise.  From there I could have done yard sales + and pop up booths at small trade shows + and maybe [just maybe] that business could have taken off but I didn’t give it time because I felt like my designs were not good enough.
Fear and doubt has always been my worst advisory [this literally translates to …Satan – ok ok I’m giving you a Bible lesson here + but that’s what it is].  Now while that failed I was stubborn and not ready to give up on some kind of plan.  I figured because I was good at planning that I would help a friend start her business by helping with the marketing + which worked out great + I made a little extra money and yes we are still best friends.  I thought ok this could be something…now I can just sell myself [or skillset] and help people with their start up + or plan + or organize.  I went about things differently this time.  I created a business model + a business plan + I polled my peers to find out if this was a service that they would pay for.  I was also reading Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business + and in my head this was something that could become a possibility….but alas providing the capital for a small business without taking out a loan while your a single-parent was A LOT so that one didn’t work out the way I wanted it too …. and poof there goes that business plan.  Did I fail [sorta] … I was selling myself short because I knew I could do this + and all the while these plans were happening I was still working my full-time job.  After this to took my food of the gas [so to speak] to take a breather and really think about what I wanted to do.  During this time work was miserable and I needed an outlet.  I hadn’t gone back to college at this point so I had a lot of free time on my hands.
I was an Amazon everyday + and I came across a link that said “sell yours here”.  Now this was back in 2004 so I clicked that link + and poof my item sold in less than 24-hours.  I thought this might be a good thing + I can clean up and purge some items in my home and make some extra spending change [mind you I never thought of this as a business].  I first started to list CDs [they were popular at this time] and some books + and I basically sold everything I had in my little inventory.  I started going to libraries [they sell books for .25 cents to 1.25] + and garage sales.  I would buy CDs wholesale to resell on Amazon.  I also purchased overstock books to sell and for 6 months this was how I paid for extra groceries and my daughters Christmas gifts.  I purchase my first digital camera and the love of photography was reborn.  I was spending money and rolling that back into my business for small envelopes + stationary + thank you cards + and printer labels and ink.  I had an account through USPS were they give you a scale and the software to print your own labels.  I even sold books on Half[dot]com +  Ebay as bulk items.  Once the CD’s wouldn’t sell anymore I went strictly to books and continued to sell books from 2005 – 2009.  It was frustrating + it was rewarding + and it took up lots of my time + but most of all it was mine and it didn’t fail.  Time was the thing that failed me + and some health issues.  The point of this long-ass chit-chat is that I did the damn thing and it felt good.  So for anyone who looking to start up a business or has a business that they’re thinking of giving up.  Don’t quit + if your business is worth something to you plan it out and work it out + and don’t let this thing called life get you down.
With that I’ll close this Tea Session.  I’ll be back next Sunday with more to spill.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + and don’t forget to like + subscribe + and follow .

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