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Book Review: Picturing Prince: An Imitate Portrait, Steve Parke|Foreward by Sheila E.

9aedae759b580f057de63d350a21ca10So I’ve taken a side step in my Good Reads challenge enjoy one of my Christmas gifts.  I’m still reading my main book [How to Be Black] + but I’m also reading this book that was gifted to me from “The Mighty B”.  She knows how much I love Prince…and when he left us I was truly saddened + it was as if a part of my teenage and young adult years were gone [in a way].  Prince provide the background for some epic times in my life and I will always love the man + play the music + and respect the sheer genius that was once “The Artist Formerly Known As”.
I thought I had seen it all when I saw him in concert.  First at an area [he was so far away] and then two more times at a smaller venue where he was [literally] right there.  It was intimate … we weren’t just a bunch of crazy people watching the artist + we were watching him create…and yes he played every single instrument + and then pulled a girl on stage to dance.
Everything melted away … the crazy person next to you pushing their way in front of you … danced with you + chatted with you … and it was the best time.  My friend and I stayed until he was done playing to see him board his limo bus + be we were to chicken [shit] to approach him without looking like crazy people. [9:30 Club, Washington DC — between 97-98]
PICTURING PRINCE: An Intimate Portrait by Steve Parke was the former Art Director for Prince at Paisley Park Studios.  The images are fantastic + and the stories give you an intimate account of the man behind the music. (but we know it was all about the music).  It’s a good read, and makes a really great gift for the ultimate fan.  I’d give it 20 stars if it was possible – but I’m bias. Picturing Prince retails for $17.00 dollars and is available at your local retailers as well as Amazon.
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