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BOOK REVIEW: The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley

Hello everyone + and “Happy Wednesday!” Aside from trying to read more books and conquer my Good Reads list + I do occasionally side-step and read some things that are not on my list.  The Complete Book of Home Organization was gifted to me recently + so I dove right in.  I always keep in mind that when I’m reading a book about organization + not every method applies to every home.  I live in a condo so my space is limited + and when it comes to storage….well…I have none.  I’ve got one entryway closet and one linen closet and that’s it.  I’ve had to make my own storage but over time it’s become useless.   I didn’t know how much of what was in this book would apply to me + but I welcomed any ideas that could make my life easier.  So I went through this book + and took notes + made lists + and created templates of my space to tailor what’s in the book to my needs.  I really needed help in the kitchen because everything was crammed together in the most unconventional way.  I do have some good kitchen storage but I’ve learned that no space will work for you + if your using it incorrectly.
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This book doesn’t just tell you what to do in terms of organization + but it breaks down your space room by room.  The best thing I took from this book was “keeping like items in the rooms that they are used in” [or something to that effect] + which really helped me.
The book also goes into cleaning + and making your own homemade solutions.  That info is helpful but most people know how to make cleaners from vinegar and water.  It’s common now we’ve become aware of how toxic cleaning products are.
I found this book inspiring + and I have applied some of the organizational tools which are in place and working.  So if your looking for some inspiration + or just looking to streamline your home and make it more functional + I highly recommend The Complete Book of Home Organization.
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