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Good Reads 2018 Challenge!

I’m a slow reader + and it seems to take much longer for me to finish a book than most.  My daughter can devour a book in 2 days + but me…1 -2 weeks maybe.  Thinking on previous book that I read (in which the subject-matter was really deep) called Out Of Control: The New Biology Of Machines … took me exactly 6 months to read because it was like a textbook.  Why would I read a book like that … (you may be wondering) well + in the summer of 2016 we actually sat down (in one weekend) to watch my entire 8-disc set of The Ultimate Matrix Collection + which was all of the movies (3 disc) + the special features (4 disc) + and the Ana-Matrix (1 disc) which Keanu Reeves spoke about a book that he was required to read (once he took the roll of Neo) called Out of Control.  This book really explained the whole concept behind The Matrix.  So I’m like ok … I gotta get this book + and when it arrived I was excited + I attacked this book + but because of the subject-matter I couldn’t just wiz through this book … I took notes + and I took my time.  I put the book down for a bit to finish other books in between it was so intense + and eventually when I finished the book it was such an accomplishment…so much so that I felt like + ok everything I read now can be junk [sorta] because I deserve it.  I will do a mini-review just in case anyone is interested but … whew + it was something.  So I’ve set out again to complete yet another Good Reads Challenge.

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Wyetha has
read 0 books toward
her goal of
14 books.

Last year I finished my goal of just 8 books which was good for me.  I never commit to some ridiculous number because I know I’m not going to get through it + and I feel like I don’t take anything away from the books if I read so many that I can’t remember them.

I joined Good Reads in 2010 but I’ve only been doing the challenges since 2011 + and I completely missed 2013.  It’s really a rewarding feeling + because it encourages me to read more + and it doesn’t matter how long or short the book is + the fact that I took the time to read a book [feed my mind] is really all that matters.  My pledge is 14 but I haven’t added everything to my list at this point.

Here is my short list so far.

So how many books are you reading this year? Make that pledge to read more this year…and if you read this post … Thank you so much for visiting my blog today.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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