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The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: Resolutions

Not sure if I mentioned this but I never ever make New Years resolutions because for me they are a waste of time.  Just something that folks say they’re gonna do + but then don’t adhere to.  I’m sure everyone agree’s that making lifestyle changes can improve your overall well being + but I don’t just want to lay claim to something for one year + I want my changes to be life-long + and life-long changes don’t happen overnight.  They take time to learn and root + and sometimes you have to force yourself to do something before it becomes a regular habit.  For example + we all know that exercise is good for you but you don’t see the results instantly + and you might not even feel anything the first time.  Sometimes it takes your body at least a week to even get use to exercising + a few more weeks before you start to feel good + and at least a month before you see any results.  I’ve been doing yoga for years because of my back and knee surgery but it took several months (close to a year) to feel the results of that yoga + or how strong my body really is.
The purpose of this rambling is to list some life lessons + and not resolutions.  These are things I’ve learned in life + and how I stay sane.

  • Pick your battles + this could mean a number of things but it’s pretty self explanatory.  Choose to pick something worthy like standing your ground on something you feel strongly about vs. everyday shit … like traffic [why are you pissed] when it’s an everyday occurrence + or the line at the grocery … I mean … it’s a store and your not the only one that needs things so again…. pick your battles.
  • Take your time + the world is always in a rush (I’m sure you’ve heard this one) + and multi-tasking is a requirement in most areas + but if you slowed down and focused on one thing … I’m sure that one thing would be awesome.
  • Respect the earth + basically hand down to your children what your parents handed down to you. [You have seen “The Happening” right]
  • Don’t shit where you eat + this one can be confusing + but if your doing the dirt … or creating chaos + acknowledge it and don’t bring that dirt or chaos into a place or space that needs to remain neutral and peaceful….it’s the same reason why you don’t bring drama to your workplace or the workplace drama home.
  • Take care of your body + I can’t stress enough how important this is + you only get one so take care of it like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Cherish your friendships + If you can count your friends on one hand + that’s saying something.  You don’t need a lot of friends to prove that you can make them + so cherish the close friendships with a few + and you will be rewarded tenfold by their love + and honesty.
  • Networking is a skill I never realized how important this was until I was 40 + so if you possess this skill … your a “beast” + and if your learning + then study hard cause this one can take you places.  It’s not about everyone liking you + but the ability to able to work a crowd of people that you don’t know + with confidence…now that’s skillz; and last but certainly not least…
  • Never make someone a priority in your life when you are only an option in theirs + I wish I had learned this when I was younger + it would have saved me lots of heartache and extreme disappointment.  Hell … live and learn.

So thats my small list that keeps growing + morphing + and changing year by year.  These are lessons I lived by and while there aren’t many + you don’t need a long list of shit to do or not to do + you just need to do you + and be the best you…now that’s said let’s have a eff’ing AWESOME 2018.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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