December [FAVORITES]

I thought I would actually do my favorites in a timely fashion this month + and since it’s almost the end of the month I’ve had the time to use and enjoy everything.
Farie Minerals Foundation – I love + love + love this product. When your skin is acne prone it’s hard to find a foundation that wont settle in your fine lines or break out your skin.  This foundation is lovely…it gives you a beautiful dewy finish and it covers really well.  You can order a sample pack to find your perfect shade + and at half the price of normal liquid foundations ($22 dollars) this item is at the top of my list + and my “absolute” favorite.  I’m wearing it here + it’s my everyday go-to.
Corkcicle Waterman – I’ve needed a good water bottle for a really long time.  I was gifted this product  + and let me tell you … it’s the best one I’ve had yet.  They come in a variety of colors + this keeps your water extra cold … and if you put ice in the bottle it last until the next day.  It’s a modern design and comes in a 16, 25 (about $33) or 60 oz.  It’s available on Amazon (follow the link above).
Silk Almond Milk Creamer – I’ve been on this almond milk creamer kick all year + and I’ve had such a hard time finding something that taste good.  Yes I know you can find almond milk at any grocery store + and froth it + and flavor it + but I don’t have time for that in my regular work day + and I just need something that’s sweetened so I can add and be done.  I use to love the So Delicious creamer but I can’t find that one anywhere now + so I’m glad Silk has finally come in with their version … it’s delicious.  I do have a hard time finding it at my local grocery store + but Harris Teeter always has it.  Comes in Vanilla, Caramel, and Sweet Cream.
UPDATE: Grove Collaborative + Dustpan w/mini Broom –  Another one of my favorite all-around cleaning tools + it’s stylish + Eco-friendly and gets the job done.  It got this item in one my monthly Grove Collaborative shipment and it’s another great fav.  No Longer Available
Alba Botanica Cleansing Gel – I wanted an alternative to the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel (not that I don’t love that) + but I was looking for something new.   I was already using the body wash so I figured I would try the facial Cleansing Gel.  It has a very mild scent + get’s my skin clean after make-up without over drying + and works really well as my night-time cleanser.  I use this in conjunction with my Differen Gel + and I love it.
Tropical Mango Body Butter – I always have issues in the winter with my skin + and diabetic skin is extra dry.  I took a break from my coconut oil (which is better in the summer) + to try something a little heavier + and I found this item on Vitacost.  The only downside is that I went through this container in 3-weeks because it’s only 4 oz. (bummer) but it still makes the list.  It smells fantastic and it’s really good after a bath.  Put it on your feet and sleep with your socks on + and your skin will feel fantastic.  This retails on Vitacost for about $7.50.
That does it for my list of favorites for December + I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday + and I wish everyone a Happy New Year! —

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