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The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: Chemistry + I Like You.. + Relax.Relate.Release

I believe in taking the time to spend with your family and or loved ones + and unplugging from the blogosphere even if it’s just for a short time…I would like to take this time to wish everyone a Merry + Happy + Holiday. — Wye


What is it about the chemistry between two people?  How does it work when two people are in sync.  Does chemistry mean that we finish each others sentences + or am I the ying to your yang.  It’s a process by which you feel in tune with someone else + be it a best friend or your significant other.  Wikipedia’s definition is…

“In the context of relationships, chemistry is a simple “emotion” that two people get when they share a special connection. It is not necessarily sexual. It is the impulse making one think “I need to see this [other] person again” – that feeling of “we click”.

By all other means chemistry for me has been a lost art + in my youth I’ve tried to force it not realizing that if it’s natural it will happen right under your nose.  Does chemistry take time to fester or is it instantaneous + like magic…I don’t think I even understood how the chemistry between two people worked until recently.  When you have it…it’s like dynamite and you don’t even realize that you do…and when you don’t (hell) you just don’t.  Does chemistry lead to intimacy + or just an everlasting bond between two people.  When you “click” with a person they understand you + they can sympathize with your moods + your heartbreak + your joy + and your frustrations.  Now I’ve got chemistry with my best girlfriends and there’s a reason why we’ve remained friends for such a long time … they get me + and I don’t always have to explain why I’m feeling what I’m feeling.  However … chemistry when your attracted to someone changes the game + or is the chemistry the reason for the attraction.  Let me say that just age doesn’t always mean wisdom + and since I’ve been single for a good portion of my adult life I’m just like everyone else when it comes to figuring this thing out.  The best part about this is … I’m open + open to understanding + and open to learning.  If your heart is closed because your afraid of it being broken + then your never going to be able to experience what could be good for you + or the best time of your life.

Speaking on experiences + where does “like” fall into things.  “Hey…I like you” is a simple yet complex phrase when your talking about someone + because all you can really say is like.  Especially when the 4-letter word can send prospective mates running for the hills.  I like to think that over the years I’ve been infatuated with people + and have really liked others.  The endearing term love has been thrown around so many times that you loose focus on what that really means.  I’ve been under the broken hearts microscope and still I know that it wasn’t love or like or anything except infatuation + and disappointment.  The heart wants what the heart wants…we hear that crazy phrase all of the time + but does it really?  Are you comfortable enough in your own skin to actually admit your not ready for love but are open to “like”.  I like you + is taken for granted on a daily basis because it really means a lot.  [And] Yes you can like a lot of things…hell I like coffee + shoes + and cheese…wait…I take that back I “love” shoes but the point I’m trying to make is that I feel really open when I can tell someone that I honestly like them as a person + and as a human.  Love is awesome + it’s intoxicating + it’s beautiful + it’s shitty + it makes things hard…and it’s definitely not like what you’ve read in books or have seen on television.  It’s not always wrapped up in this neat little bow … it’s messy + so unless your ready to do more than put your big toe in that pool + tread first and really think about the meaning of things.  I’m square with the word “like” + and the person that I like knows this.
Yes we are here at the cusp of the holiday + so if you haven’t done everything you need to do before the holiday…it’s just not happening.  I’ve had to tell myself that to keep me from going crazy because I’m the type of person that want’s everyone to have a happy holiday + and if I’m not gifting you + I’m hoping that you have somewhere to go.  I just hate the idea of people being alone on Christmas whether they celebrate it or not.  Maybe it’s all in my head + but it’s the way I was raised.  So eyes open + deep breath … time to relax and actually enjoy my Christmas  + enjoy my decorations that I worked so hard to prepare + and enjoy the meal I’m having. It’s time to relate to friends and loved ones about Christmas past + and traditions + and preparing for the years end + it’s always such an exciting time.  Time I get to spend with my daughter and although she’s 26 now + we still have the best time during the holiday. [and] Yes release + release all the tension + all the stress + and everything building up to this time.  It’s always sad when the year ends but the New Year is a chance for new beginnings + for new relationships to bloom and prosper + and for new habits to form. Time to get the molasses out-cha ass and start living (and yes I’m a movie person so guess where that’s from). Well that’s enough chit-chat for this week + I do hope everyone has a happy holiday + thank you so much for visiting my blog.

eyes open + head back + arms wide

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