Bedroom Styling Ideas: The Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Hello friends and welcome to the blog today!


My bedroom is long overdue for an update and I’m still undecided on the style.  My decor taste has matured from … whatever I can find on sale, to Farmhouse.  I don’t have plans to makeover my current bedroom, because I can’t change the paint color, and it’s really no point because this is not my forever home.  (Darn rentals).  However, in my new home, I have plans for some simple decor that never goes out of style.

I still love the Farmhouse style but I also love mid-century modern and mixing the two.  I call this style Mid-Centery-Modern Farm.   I created this mood board for a bit of inspiration for a bedroom in my new home.

Mood boards are a great way to coral styles, colors, and all sorts of options.  Pinterest is also a good way to save several different styles in one place, so when you start shopping for that dream room you have it all ready.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next project.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog!

I'd love to hear your feedback!

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